Friday, January 8, 2010

Sure Fire Weight Loss Principles

With the obesity epidemic and the increasing number of people who are concerned about how they look, it is not surprising that the weight-loss industry enjoyed a boom right now. Never have so many weight loss products, personal trainers, fitness centers and boot camps. there are many weight loss reliable solution that just a waste of time and harmful health. As a personal trainer, I know how to lose weight can be effective if you use the right approach and proven and ignore all the quick fixes. Here are the principles that you need to follow to enjoy fast, safe and long-term results.

Eating Habits optimized, too often, most people usually eat 2 - 3 times meal a day. By having several meals a day, your metabolism will be slow and your energy level is less regulated throughout the day. As a result, your body is not effective in burning fat.

To keep your metabolism up to get the body to burn more fat, you must have 5-6 small meals a day. Be sure to bite the food and eat slowly. In this way, your metabolism can be enhanced and biting or chewing food can send a "feel full" signal to the brain to prevent overeating. Always make sure to stay away from drink unless you do not find time to eat your food. The reason is more difficult to feel full by eating a high calorie content of drinks.

Food foods you should avoid or reduce the people who processed, low fiber, loaded with saturated fat and sugar. Instead, you should go for more raw and fresh foods such as low-calorie content of fruit and vegetables that will provide you with healthy minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Optimized Weight Loss Training, the most common approach in weight loss by most people exercise is focused on getting lots of aerobic activities to create a negative energy balance caused weight loss. Of course, nothing wrong with that, but the problem is that it must be very time consuming. For most people busy, they probably will have trouble getting like 5-10 hours of exercise into their schedules. And time to travel, change and shower not calculated yet.

Stop your obsession with aerobic activity and began a full body muscle training. You should focus on strength training, especially compound movements that will burn the most calories in one session. By engaging in such training methods, the body will develop more lean muscle mass that contributes to increased metabolism. Furthermore, the movement of compounds based on the weight training program can cause a spike in your metabolism will remain elevated for 24-48 hours.

This would be better that you throw in some high intensity interval cardio training into your routine causes higher metabolism. To enjoy the long-term success in weight management, it is important to take a holistic approach. With that said, always be wary of all the hyped up last night to give the product weight. Be sure to stick to the time tested and a healthy approach to combining sport and good nutrition.


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