Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weight Loss - Losing Weight Is Easy If You Stop Dieting

Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System recently published the findings of the study 21 countries with more than 112,000 participants on how weight loss methods affect the success of dieting.
Each participant was placed in one of four categories based on the weight control method they use.

1. Increasing physical activity
2. Eat fewer calories
3. The combination of fewer calories with exercise
4. None (not trying to lose weight)

For those who are trying to lose weight, weight of the most common practice of eating fewer calories without other methods (32.3% women, 24.1% of men) and eating less calories with exercise (33.8% women, 19 , 9% of men).

Increasing physical activity as the sole weight loss practice reported by 3.4% of women and 4% of men.
Final statistics on exercising without dieting is where I get lost. It is hard for me to understand how only 3% of women and 4% of men use exercise as one of their weight-loss practice. Is there something wrong with this?

Everything reminds me of a slogan from a few years ago, "Self-Weight." Representing the diet back to basics. And that's when I realized, back to the basics of diet is what is wrong.

Diet is Wrong, You are too heavy and you need to lose weight. Extra pounds pushing you above your ideal weight, the result of a chronic state of positive energy balance to eat more calories than your body needs.

This is usually followed by the question, "Why is my body not just get rid of extra energy?" I totally agree. Just remove all the extra energy, send it to the street. Unfortunately, the laws of thermodynamics are what ruin everything.

Stinker of involving the whole idea that you can not create or destroy energy. It's constant. Because you can not just destroy energy, you have no choice but to use the extra energy or store it.

So, how does this make the wrong diet? Diets only work in theory. In theory, the diet, which is synonymous with calorie restriction, causes total body energy decreases with the hope of creating a deficit of energy.

To remedy this deficit, the body will enter the energy stores to cover immediate needs. So, in theory, the diet causes weight loss.

Is this what happens to dieters? Yes and no. Best Method for Using Stored Energy Diet, aka calorie restriction, slowing resting metabolic rate, throwing the body into a state of energy conservation. This is not conducive to lose weight but otherwise perfect for weight gain.

People who go on a diet to lose weight and keep it from, the practice of my concept of the Slow Low. Now what? Exercise.

Is the best method to use the extra energy that we did not use in the past? Exercise. Starting the first training program, which centered on the muscle and strength, then use the basic diet is necessary for the total body energy lower.

Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System published perfect statistics. We must use the exercise as the sole method of weight loss more often.


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