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Free Weight Loss Tips

Ok, it's time to finally get this out of the road. Are you looking for free weight loss tips? Let me answer that for you, yes ... yes you are. This site contains detailed basically totally free weight loss information to explain EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight. However, judging from the number of emails I get that includes the phrase weight loss tips, this information alone is not enough.

I know, I thought it was odd, too.

I do not know what it is, but people love tips. Maybe there is something about the word "tips" that make people ... happy? I can not explain it. All I know is that I can lead a person to lose weight the main page of this site and tell them that the information below will work, plain and simple, and they will email back the next day asking if I have extra weight to their tips.

This is usually when I'm scratching my head in confusion.

However, I have officially given up trying to figure this out. Instead, I'll give up and just give these people what they want. So ... without further ado ... a list of free weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips

1) Replace bad carbs with good carbs if you can. I mean replacing high glycemic foods (bad carbs) with their low glycemic (good carbs) version. For example, instead of eating white bread, eating 100% wheat bread. Instead of eating pasta, wheat pasta. Instead of eating white rice, eat brown rice.

2) Make a practice log. It is difficult to make progress in the gym when you do not remember what you did the previous time. Did I raise that much weight? Did I do that many reps? How many sets do I do it again? Wait, what exercises should I do now? Am I on the treadmill for 20 minutes yesterday ... or is it 30? A workout log will allow you to find answers to these questions, and this in turn will allow you to make progress. And, if you want to know ... progress leads to results.

3) EAT! Some people do not really healthy and not starve themselves in an effort to lose weight. This is not just bad, but in some cases it will have the opposite effect. Does not provide enough food your body will put it into a protective state in which he really started STORE fat. Weight loss happens when you take in less calories overall, either through diet, exercise or a combination of both. However, this reduction in calories should be very gradual and in stages 250-500 calories. Reducing calorie intake by some insanely high number, to make a long story short, a very bad idea.

4) When what you eat to have any cartoon characters on it, you probably should not eat them. Seriously though, junk food is a waste of calories. No weight loss tips that will change the fact that there are a number of calories that you'll eat every day, and no one should be discarded rubbish only positive is that "good taste." The food you eat should serve the purpose more positive than just taste it. If not, you probably should not eat them. That's actually a pretty good food there rules. If you've read the article of food cravings, you'll know I'm a fan of this weight tips.

5) Here's one you may already know, because it mentioned on the main page of weight loss, but because there were few weight loss tips, and because I need to fill all of their list, I'll enter, too. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) eat 5-6 smaller meals spread throughout the day, usually every 3 hours or more. Doing this not only helps speed up metabolism, but also helps keep you full. Eat more food more often will make you more prone to become hungry in between meals and eating something you should not eat.

6) Take pictures. No, not the beautiful flowers and your friends, but you, at least wear you are willing to wear. Before this becomes a little too scary to be on the list of tips to lose weight, let me explain the purpose. This is to help you track your progress. To help you see if what you're doing is working. To give you something to look back and compare yourself. You would be surprised at how quickly someone forgot where they started at. You become so accustomed to look at yourself every day that you do not see changes in your body. Take pictures (once a month either) is your way to remind yourself. This not only helps track your progress, but also will serve as motivation.

7) Weight loss will happen when one specific thing that happened ... when you end up below your calorie maintenance level. This can happen as a result of either reducing your caloric intake by adjusting your diet, or by working out enough to burn the calories needed to fall below the level of maintenance. So yes ... is technically possible to lose weight through diet alone. Is the ideal? Not really. For the same reason is also possible to lose weight by exercise alone. Is the ideal? Not really. The ideal way to lose weight is through a combination of both diet and exercise. It is also better for the health of the whole, too. So, although it is possible to lose weight through only one, for best results, set both to use.

8) Drink water, lots of water. A half-gallon a day, at least. I know, I know ... is far from rocket science. But it is still true and still helps, and I think that would qualify it to be added to the list of weight loss tips.

9) STOP looking for a list of magical weight loss tips that will make weight loss easy or quick for you! IT DOES NOT EXIST! No matter what, you WILL need to apply a high amount of effort and hard work. Yes, effort and hard work. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but weight is not as simple as "take the stairs rather than elevators." There is no list with the top end that will change the fact that you will really have to eat right and exercise. Stop looking. There are things like that.

10) And finally, here is my favorite of all the weight loss tips. Go read the diet and diet plans page weight loss and pages from the site. Combined they will explain EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight. Literally everything you need to know is there.


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