Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weight Loss Myths Exposed

May not be surprising to hear a lot of confusion around nutrition. In fact, many people who read this article will only have less idea about the different types of food and what our bodies really need to stay healthy.

One of the simplest system I saw was this. If food tastes good, it must be 'bad' for you! And then there was his partner, "If the food tastes 'bad' should be 'good' for you". You can identify with these views, or several closely related versions! Nutrition for some has been reduced to the concept of 'good' and 'bad' with little else.

Some common weight myth that people believe - that's not true!

Myth # 1: Cutting down on portion sizes is the best way to lose weight. Not alone. If you try to lose weight by simply eating less, you are likely to gain the weight back. Lasting results will come from changing the type of foods you eat, not just the number.

Myth # 2: Just cut the fat and you will lose weight. This approach weight loss, popular in the 80s, just do not work for most people. Even if the food is labeled "fat free," it still can be high calories from sugar and hidden carbs. Effective weight loss comes from being aware of the total consumption of calories and your fat intake.

Myth # 3: Cutting calories causes your body into starvation mode and slow your weight loss. This is not true. Your body's resting metabolic rate can vary by about 15%. However, eating too few calories and protein in insufficient quantities can make you lose valuable muscle mass, which in turn will slow your metabolism, for the long term. Ideally, stick to the amount of calories and protein that are right for your body with Herbalife program.

Myth # 4
: high-protein diet causes ketosis, which reduces hunger. Ketosis occurs when fat, not carbohydrates, is used as an energy source for high-protein diet. Ketone bodies produced, which gives you bad breath "fruity" smell. Ketone bodies do not reduce appetite, however, eat enough protein for your body's needs can help reduce hunger and support weight loss.

Myth # 5: Exercise alone can help you lose weight. While exercise is an important component of health weight loss program, it's not a good way to lose weight by itself. Exercising for even an hour at a time to burn only a moderate amount of calories. Combining exercise with calorie reduction and a healthy eating plan is the most effective way to lose weight and keep going.

One of the most healthy and helpful steps you can take to improve your health and your family is to learn about nutrition. Principles easy to understand and armed with the right information, it is possible to make improvements to your health


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