Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexual Health and Weight Loss

Everyone will gaga over the latest diet penchant media hyped by the program or the latest to hit the gym scene. A new natural weight loss pills were introduced one by one and had flooded the market competing for sales. People everywhere seemed to be in that "losing the excess pounds" soul: "Kuru is sexy!". "Lean is hot!". Rip the biceps. "" Showing off your abs. "

Back in the 80's, Olivia Newton-John popularized the song "Let's Get Physical" that promoted fitness and almost same time, the physical fitness of the video market flooded legendary celebrities like Jane Fonda Aerobics Videos. Even John Travolta's dance movie "Staying Alive" Exploiting the fact that then-stars were Appear Taught by not less than Sylvester Stallone physical fitness program to fit the role to a "T".

In today's world where survival of the fittest becomes the name of the game, Perceived overweight is not sexy. The message is clear as you can see on TV, billboards, and magazines. Are all people have self-aware? Let's face it. This is not just about vanity or Feeling good about yourself. It's about living a healthy lifestyle. Universal needs to Seeing and Feeling unwanted sexual come only secondary. Do you like it or not, being overweight is not attractive and can have serious consequences in a person's health condition.

That is exactly how for every pound you lose, the more you become sexually desirable? Although there are people who prefer sexual partners who are in voluptous side, a large number still prefer to have the right curves and bumps in the right place. However, being sexually attractive is not the only goal we need to consider. Are you a man or woman, is your responsibility to always keep your body in good condition, if not perfect. Losing weight can improve the sexual health of men and women. The couple became more aware of the size of each others new. Sexual senses they have become more accustomed to sexual stimulation they received and thus increase their sexual pleasure. With a slim body, both men and women become Feeling comfortable with their bodies and they tend to enjoy each other better When it comes to their sexual activity, compared with overweight partners. This is no longer just a physical thing, it becomes an emotional factors.

Obesity and Infertility

This is believed to be very fact that obesity can Affect sexual health of male infertility. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), "men are overweight tend to be significantly more fertile than normal weight men, and that for every 20 pounds of body weight in men there was a ten percent increase in infertility." Although statistics show that women are more prone to obesity That man, still, this clearly shows that men also have to maintain their weight for their health.

On the other hand, obese women are particularly vulnerable to increase in blood pressure than male counterparts they were. Cancer risk was also higher as postmenopausal breast cancer and endometrial cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Body Image and Healthy Weight

For all its value, men and women are equally to maintain ideal body weight and image. Body image is how we project ourselves and how we perceive and imagine the responses of others. This is not innate, therefore, we can do something about it. A healthy weight is a measure of where a person achieve goals based on the initially set according to a person's physical condition is determined by medical professionals.
Finding people to try the ways of wise and sustainable to Achieve and Maintain a healthy weight in the Long Run. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, deputy lead-free lifestyle, and all the good things in life will also be added unto you.


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